Hypalon or PVC. What’s the difference?

Our Sales Director, Tom Sanderson explains the differences between Hypalon and PVC for your tubes. Video Transcript: Hi I’m Tom and I’ve been boating my entire life, and I specialise in RIBs. Today’s question is what is the difference between PVC and Hypalon. PVC is traditionally a cheaper material. We tend to find it on […]

How to maintain your RIB

Your Ballistic RIB is designed with easy to clean GRP and tubes.  However, the marine environment can be harsh on boats and outboards.  Salt water, sun exposure, humidity, air pollution and temperature can all have an effect as can fuel quality, which varies around the globe, loads and running speeds. There is plenty you can […]

Options to storing your RIB

Having decided to buy a new or second-hand boat, you will need to choose how and where is the best  place to store your RIB. Storing a RIB is relatively easy. You have a variety of options since RIBS are versatile both on and off the water, and are easy to tow behind a car. Our […]

Top 10 safety equipment tips from the Ballistic RIBs team

Knowing that you have taken care of all the safety aspects, means you can focus on having a great day out.  However experienced you are, there are essential safety devices you should always carry on board your RIB. Here’s our list of the minimum safety equipment you should always carry on any journey. 1. Lifejackets […]

Why we recommend Yamaha outbound engines

Yamaha Outboard Engines Innovative, reliable, clean and powerful Going afloat knowing that your engine will always get you home, is paramount to you having a relaxing day on board your RIB. Maximising your time having fun on the water is at the heart of our Ballistic RIBS ethos. We recommend the Yamaha outboard engine for […]

A guide to towing your RIB – Part 2

Ballistic being towed

Towing your RIB – part 2 Part 2 of Guide covers how to tow a RIB and includes a handy checklist to run through before your journey starts.  Do these regularly to prevent hassles getting to and from the water! Plus there’s some essential tips on driving with your trailer.  1. Essential car checks – […]

A guide to towing your RIB – Part 1

7 Tips on towing your RIB One of the great advantages of owning a RIB is that it’s easy to move around by road trailer. Take it to the coast, launch at different harbours or take it on holiday. You can tow your RIB behind most family sized vehicles. Our two part guide takes you […]

Looking for a used RIB? Speak to our RIB retailer

Looking for a used RIB? Speak to our RIB retailer As well as brand new models, we also have a regular selection of ‘pre-loved’ Ballistic RIBS and engines. Each Ballistic RIB and engine on our list is professionally checked over and approved by our engineers. All sales are managed by Boat Sales brokerage division, RIBS For […]

A guide to RYA powerboat training for drivers

A guide to RYA powerboat training for drivers Whether you are a beginner or an experienced driver, there’s always something new to learn about being on the water. Why should you consider powerboat training? In most countries you have to pass a driving test and get an official licence before you can legally drive a […]

Looking to go boating? Buy a RIB!

Looking to go boating? Buy a RIB! Are you looking to buy a boat or simply to get started in boating, and not sure what boat to get? In which case this guide is for you. What is a RIB? The word RIB is a shorthand term for a Rigid Inflatable Boat. A RIB is […]