Ballistic XP80 Shortlisted for 2024 Motor Boat Awards – A Proud Moment

Exciting news from the Ballistic team! Our Ballistic XP80 has been shortlisted in the Adventure Boats category at the 2024 Motor Boat Awards. These awards are the pinnacle of recognition in the boating world, akin to the Oscars for boats and yachts.

The Prestige of the Motor Boat Awards

The Motor Boat Awards are highly esteemed in our industry, celebrating the crème de la crème of boating excellence. To be nominated, boats undergo extensive sea trials and thorough evaluations. Being a finalist is not just an honour; it’s a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation.

The Birth of 'The Adventurer'

The journey of the XP80 is one of passion. Born as a lockdown project, we set out to design something remarkably unique, with adventure at its core. In the back garden, wooden models were crafted and revised, each iteration bringing us closer to our vision. Affectionately known as ‘The Adventurer’ by those who knew her, the XP80 was a labour of love, embodying our dedication to creating an exceptional adventure vessel. Launched to the market in March 2023, the XP80’s recognition in this category is not just an achievement; it’s a dream realised.

Ballistic XP80: Designed for Unparalleled Experiences

The Ballistic XP80 isn’t just a boat; it’s a gateway to a world of adventure, comfort, and unforgettable experiences on the water.

On-Board Convenience: One of the standout features is the on-board loo, a rarity in RIBs of this class, offering unmatched convenience for longer journeys.

Innovative Accommodation: The XP80 also boasts pop-up accommodation for two, perfect for those who dream of sleeping under the stars or waking up right in the heart of adventure.

Structured T-Top Roof: The structured T-top roof isn’t just about protection from the elements; it’s ingeniously designed for stowing toys or even for those brave enough to jump into the big blue! 

Versatile Performance: Whether you’re embarking on a leisurely cruise or seeking the thrill of high-speed adventures, the XP80 adapts seamlessly. Its advanced hull design ensures stability and agility, making every journey an absolute delight.

Luxurious and Ergonomic Interiors: The interiors of the XP80 are a blend of luxury and ergonomics, promising comfort and style during both calm and high-energy voyages.

Loading the structured T Top roof

A Glimpse at the Competition

In the Adventure Boats category, we’re honoured to be nominated alongside prestigious names like the Archipelago 47, Sargo 45, Quarken 27 Cabin, and XO DFNDR 8. Each of these boats represents the pinnacle of innovation and excellence in adventure boating, making this category one of the most exciting and competitive at the awards.

Looking Forward to the Gala Night

The winners will be announced at a gala dinner at Hotel Kö59 in Düsseldorf on January 23, 2024. We can’t wait to sit among our peers and celebrate the exceptional achievements across all 8 categories.

Thank You For The Support

This nomination is a significant milestone for our team at Ballistic. It reflects the hard work, passion, and creativity that goes into every boat we create. We’re incredibly grateful for your support and can’t wait to share more exciting news in the future. 

A heartfelt thank you to everyone in our Ballistic community. Your enthusiasm and backing are invaluable to us. Here’s to making more memorable moments on the water together!


Experience the XP80 Adventure RIB for Yourself

Why just read about it when you can experience the XP80 firsthand? We invite you to arrange a test drive and feel the thrill of this award-nominated boat for yourself.