Join Ballistic RIBs for Unforgettable Family Adventures at Southampton Boat Show 2023

Explore the Best of Ballistic RIBs and Yamaha

As we conclude our triumphant inaugural tour of the Ballistic XP80, we’re gearing up for the nautical event of the year – the Southampton International Boat Show, running from September 15th to 24th, 2023. This year, we’re thrilled to unveil our partnership with Yamaha Marine UK, adding a new dimension to the show’s excitement. Yamaha is expanding its aquatic footprint by over 40%, and within this expansive showcase, you’ll find our remarkable Ballistic XP80, the ultimate vessel for unforgettable family adventures.

Experience the Future of Control with Helm Master EX

Step aboard the Ballistic XP80, proudly displayed with twin F200XSA outboards during the show, and you’ll discover the next era of Yamaha’s integrated boat control system – the Helm Master EX.

This innovative system offers joystick steering, autopilot functions, seamless shifting, and user-friendly single-function buttons. Whether you’re navigating through marinas or cruising open waters, the Helm Master EX guarantees effortless control, setting the stage for countless memorable moments on the water.

Throughout the ten-day event, Yamaha’s seasoned experts will demonstrate docking and close-quarters manoeuvres. It’s a golden opportunity for prospective owners to witness this cutting-edge control system in action while immersing themselves in all that the XP80, equipped with Yamaha’s finest, has to offer.

Elevating Boating Excellence with Ballistic LS68

But that’s not all; join us as we showcase the exceptional Ballistic LS68, a 6.8m RIB that redefines performance and the boating experience. An evolution of the beloved Ballistic 6.5m, the LS68 offers an enhanced journey for both captains and passengers. Displayed with a powerful Yamaha F250XCA outboard, this RIB promises an even more exhilarating ride for families seeking extraordinary adventures. With improved cruising efficiency and the option to add more horsepower, the LS68 is set to take your boating experience to a whole new level.

LS68 Landscape

Visit Us in Mayflower Park

As you explore the Southampton Boat Show, make sure to stop by stand EO61B, where we’ve partnered with the Trafalgar Group. Here, you’ll find RIBs For Sale, our trusted UK distributors, showcasing the versatile and family-friendly Ballistic LS60. Designed with style, adventure, and safety in mind, this RIB offers abundant seating, perfect for family outings and entertaining guests during your sea escapades.

Here’s an exciting tidbit: both stands will feature show-exclusive ex-demonstration model deals. These impeccably maintained models have had minimal engine use and are presented in pristine condition. Now is the perfect opportunity to become the proud owner of a Ballistic RIB, ready for a lifetime of unforgettable boating adventures.

Experience Southampton Boat Show 2023 as our VIP

Would you like to join us at the Southampton Boat Show 2023 as our VIP guest?

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We can’t wait to see you at this years Southampton Boat Show.