This 50-knot explorer has a trick up its sleeve | Ballistic XP80 sea trial | Motor Boat & Yachting Review

Is the new Ballistic XP80 really “The Ultimate Adventure RIB”? MBY's Alex Smith heads to Trafalgar Wharf in Portsmouth to test its mettle...

“When MD, Jonny Boys, acquired the rights to build Ballistic RIBs back in 2002, his first move was to enter a team of boats into the 600-mile Trans Agulhas endurance race around the southernmost tip of Africa.

The idea was to use the feedback from that event in a bid to upgrade the existing designs – and that’s exactly what he did. What followed was the development of a deep-vee hull with long unbroken spray rails and pronounced reverse chines for extra dryness and stability.

But in terms of style and deck layout, Ballistic RIBs remained quite traditional. What we came to expect of them were fast seaworthy boats with a soft dry ride and a commercially inspired fit-out comprising inline jockey seats on an open deck between an aft bench and a central helm console.

In fact, even on its modern fleet, that formula felt as prevalent on its LS (Leisure) boats as it did on its WK (Work) models. But now, in the form of Ballistic’s first explorer model, the Ballistic XP80, we have something altogether more creative…”

Watch the full boat test on their Youtube channel, or read the full review in the latest September 2023 issue of Motorboat and Yachting. 

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