Our Sales Director, Tom Sanderson explains the differences between Hypalon and PVC for your tubes.

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Video Transcript:

Hi I’m Tom and I’ve been boating my entire life, and I specialise in RIBs.

Today’s question is what is the difference between PVC and Hypalon. PVC is traditionally a cheaper material. We tend to find it on smaller RIBs and ones more budget end of the market. The fabric has come a long way and it lasts pretty well, but once it starts to get old it’s very difficult to repair and it’s best just to throw it away and start again.  Hyperlon on the other hand is a premium product. It lasts a lot longer, it’s got better wear qualities and it can be prepared as it starts to age.

If you’d like to see some examples of PVC and Hypalon RIBs give us a call and we can show you around what we’ve got.