Why we recommend Yamaha outbound engines

Yamaha Outboard Engines

Innovative, reliable, clean and powerful

Going afloat knowing that your engine will always get you home, is paramount to you having a relaxing day on board your RIB. Maximising your time having fun on the water is at the heart of our Ballistic RIBS ethos.

We recommend the Yamaha outboard engine for its outstanding track record in reliability. Quiet, clean and smooth, with exceptional power and acceleration.

Our marine environment is important too, making these EFI-equipped engines an easy choice. Economic, fuel-efficient with a built-in noise reduction and clean-burn technology system means a great experience for you onboard. Plus, you can rest assured your boat is having a low impact on the environment above and below the water.

Maintenance is quick and simple too. The sophisticated diagnostic system shows engine and performance data via computer link to readily monitor its performance.

Engineering excellence

Our expert Ballistic RIBS team have vast experience of marine outboard engines. Yamaha are renowned for reliability and performance, and also for the quality components and materials used in your engine. This means extended lifetime use, greater reliability and reduced maintenance time and cost.

Over the years, Yamaha have developed the highest grade components from extensive, scientific destruction testing. Leading to very high quality specification and engineering.

Yamaha’s outboard engines own unique YDC-30 alloy is the result of this dedication to engineering the best quality components. A combination of aluminium, silicon, magnesium and titanium ensures industry-leading corrosion protection for significant components within your engine.

Engine knowledge = power

Yamaha EFI engines incorporate the latest technology, such as the NMEA 2000 instrument interface. Plus, digital network gauges (DNG) are available too. These display all your engine information digitally, when connected via a local area network (LAN).

Whilst afloat you can monitor your engine hours, RPM, trim angle, oil pressure, speed, trip time, fuel levels, battery power, fuel consumption and fuel economy at any time. Keeping you in the know means you can take action ahead of any problems, and should never be caught out.

This simple, efficient, information delivery, through easy to read digital gauges ensures you have all the tools you need, whether for leisure or commercial use. Installation is efficient and also means a reduction in wiring around the boat too.

Robust, durable, long-lasting

Yamaha outboard engines are renowned for their durability, which is why they are chosen by the RNLI and police force. They are built to last, and that helps to add to the resale value of your boat too.

Advanced manufacturing techniques include a five-layer paint process, called ACP-221, for a robust finish. A sequence of primers, undercoat and acrylic resin is oven baked for adhesion and hardness. Its then sealed in with a final coat of clear urethane lacquer for long-lasting protection.

This highly technical five-layer painting process is much copied, however has never been matched. Combined with the YDC-30 alloy and a series of sacrificial anodes used inside your engine, gives you the Yamaha ultimate corrosion protection system.

Pre-rigged and ready to go

All Yamaha engines supplied with a Ballistic RIB are delivered pre-rigged. This means they are all done to the highest possible standard, ensuring all the cables are rigged onto the loom. All your local dealer then needs to do is fit the engine to your rib.

Yahama’s flexible rigging programme enables a variety of options. And there is a wide selection of parts to suit your boating priorities. We can help you choose the best specification for your type of power boating.

For example, from 30HP engines and above there are over 60 different aluminium and black stainless-steel propellers. Plus, there are several control box options and gauges which all can be configured exactly how you need them.

Yamaha warranty and worldwide support

Whether you are far out at sea, cruising round the harbour or up river, investing in a quality outboard engine is a good decision. It means more time in your boat, complete confidence about getting home, as well as less time on repair or maintenance.

All Yamaha engines come with a five year warranty for leisure use, which is transferrable to new owners. Commercial warranties are valid for two years.

With an outstanding reputation for warranty support, Yamaha has a global network of dealers qualified to deal with your engine. Where ever you are in the World with your boat, rest assured there is a support network there for you.

Buy quality, buy Yamaha. Learn more about Yamaha by visiting their website.